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Interior Styling/Design: I'm a holistic interior stylist (decorator, designer, whatever you want to call it). It might sound a lil' woo-woo or esoteric, but whether you realize it or not, we're all deeply affected by our surroundings, and I'm a big believer in decorating and designing a space based on how you want it to feel and how it represents you on a deeper emotional, spiritual and psychological level. It’s not just about aesthetics and throwing something pretty together. I want your home to feel like a life-giving haven that will nurture you and help you work toward your goals in life instead of zapping you of your energy. I also have a background in public health and holistic nutrition and love incorporating that knowledge into interiors. For example, how can I clean up the air in my home, how can I choose building materials and decor that are less toxic, how can I clean up my drinking and shower water, how can I bring in nature--or a feeling of the natural world--into my work or living space (which is scientifically proven to improve health, lower stress, increase productivity, etc.), and how can I start practicing sustainability within the home and workplace? I even try to incorporate a little Ayurveda into my design principles. Basically, I would love to help people create little sanctuaries for themselves in these stressful and difficult times, no matter how big or small their budget may be! Whether it's your home, shop, window display, business location, or medical office, I'd love to help you create a warm, inviting and inspirational space.

Prop/Photo Styling: If you're looking for someone to create visually compelling, “pinnable” and sharable images for your website, social media, events, products, lookbook or advertisements, I'd be happy to help. 

Rate Info: My hourly and day rates vary depending on the type of project and its complexity, but please feel free to contact me and give me a better idea of what you’re wanting so I can give you an estimate! I offer free 15-minute consultations over Skype/phone as well.

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